If you have just turned on your tap and nothing is coming out or very slow trickle then there is a 16" water main that has burst at the Weston Hills storage reservoir, reports are coming from Affinity water as follows:

The firm said at 8.55am today: “Our repair team is on site, however the main is under three metres of water. We have deployed pumps to the area to remove the water so we can access the main.

“We are also looking to adjust our network to bring in water from other areas so we can restore supplies before the repair begins.

“We are sorry for the disruption to your water supply and would like to thank you for your patience.”

Affinity advised customers last night: “During this time we ask you not to use any electrical appliances that require a water supply, for example washing machines or dishwashers and to conserve water from storage tanks during the time your water supply is interrupted.

“If you do still have a supply, we would advise you to store some water for drinking, in case your water has to be switched off for a repair to be completed.”

Our advice is to turn all taps off, even when no water is coming out before you go out, and when supply comes back on then to run taps through as there may be silt left in pipes from burst, if there is any problem as a result of this leak please do not hesitate in calling us at Garden City Services on 01462 678 913.