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You can now find us on ‘Which? Trusted Traders’

We are very proud to announce that Garden City Services are now working along side Which? Trusted Traders and Hertfordshire Trading Standards to give reassurance to our customers both new and existing. Please look out for Which? Trusted Traders TV advert and social media link.  Please check us out here Go and check out www.which.co.uk if you would like any info on boilers, or gas appliances.

Tips & advice

Top Tips and Safe Advice

Get to Know Your Valves. Find out where your outdoor and indoor mains water valve or stopcock is so that it can be switched off in an emergency. It’s so much easier to do this when you’re not under pressure with a pipe leaking away. Take the time to find out what other stop valves you have in the house and label them. Valves can seize up over time if they’re not used so get into the habit of turning them off and on again a couple of times a year to keep them in working order. Another tip ...